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About Pacsafe:

Thieves are the worst. After all, you’re just trying to do your thing out there; hoping to head to adventure or travel the globe or adventure while traveling that globe. And while we aren’t quite sure of your itinerary – that’d be weird - we do know that “getting your precious stuff stolen by creep criminals” is nowhere on that list. That’s why savvy travelers love Pacsafe so much – incorporating street smart know-how with fancy technology to help stand in the way of even the most resilient bad guys. You love your stuff, right? Protect it best with Pacsafe.

Because bad guys, they’re bad, pretty much by definition. Constantly scheming and thinking of new ways to bilk you of your hard-earned cash and goods, being one step ahead is your best defense. So slashproof straps that are legitimately comfortable while being built of high-tensile stainless steel to keep frisky thieves frustrated. But while slashproof straps is a nice touch, the eXomesh wire mesh system is the real star here: Your bag is a heavy-duty locking device, made incredibly strong while staying incredibly light to you, the wearer. It’ll take much more than an opportunistic bandit and a set of tools to get to your goods.

So bad guys will probably try and grab my information electronically, you say, nervously. Pacsafe has thought of that too, and RFID blocking material makes it so you leave knifeless yet enterprising hackers emptyhanded. Sensitive information like credit card numbers or banking info will be left undisturbed, and you can focus on your good time instead of whether or not you’ll have to replace your best stuff.