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About Outdoor Research Men's Jackets:

It’s not enough for your brand to declare a passion for the outdoors, they have to understand the outdoors. And when you have the word “outdoor” in the name of your brand, you had better own it: That’s something Outdoor Research is able to do without breaking a sweat. Well, that’s not entirely true – back in the early 80’s at the time of the brand’s inception, an awful lot of sweat was spilled, with founder Ron Gregg choosing to devote his life to building better gear and apparel. His desire to help build the best time for anyone up for adventure is apparent in all the brand makes today, with their men’s jackets an amazing example of this.

Yeah, that’s right. We said amazing men’s jackets. But what exactly makes them so noteworthy? Oh, you know, a number of things – the fact that they’re built of incredibly capable weather-besting material and technology is sure worth something. Jackets like the Floodlight are built of tremendous waterproof fabric and repellent, forcing unwelcome rain and snow to bugger right off of you. Lousy gusts of wind? Pay no mind to blustery weather either, with a full complement of windproof material on board.

In need of something that can ratchet up your level of warmth just a bit? Well how about a whole lot of that – the Whitefish down jacket packs all of the above, sure, along with some rugged-as-hell down lining, giving you a jacket that stands tall in the face of chilly temps. Tack that on to a number of other fancy features, like countless snap and zippered pockets and removable hood-action, and you’re now looking at one heck of a coat.

All these, and more, in the mix above. Embrace the unpredictability of the outdoors, why don’t you? Pretty easy to do with an Outdoor Research jacket, guy.

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