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About Women's Osprey:

Just because backpacks used to be simpler, doesn’t mean backpacks were better. Sure, it used to be as easy as just picking any old pack from some store at the mall and calling it a day, but could you really trust those packs out on the trail? Or out on whatever other adventure you may be up to? And it’s not just a matter of extra bells and whistles – though that certainly helps – but finding a brand that knows what they’re doing when it comes to crafting quality gear hasn’t always been that easy.

But hey, that’s not a problem anymore! Join the other Osprey women out there, the ones who know that you can strap yourself into a pack that is stylish and mega functional, all while being a tremendous piece of gear. Standouts like the Ariel 65 backpack make wearing a hefty pack a breeze, thanks to comfortable and crafty compression straps, along with moldable hipbelts to help evenly distribute your pack’s weight. Plenty of room for your plentiful stuff, pack that baby to the brim and take advantage of multiple compartments and pockets, carefully separating your gear or just hiding things from friends.

Do you like getting into sports outdoors? Of course you do – even if you don’t (and c’mon, you probably do) you’re sure to find plenty of functionality here. Spring has sprung, after all, and you wouldn’t want to be sidelined on account of having a less-than-stellar pack, would you? These are the best women’s packs for the best women. We’re sure of it. Now get to whatever it is you have planned out there, with Osprey happy to hold your stuff for you.