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About Osprey School and Work Backpacks:

There are a number of inevitable things in life: Death, taxes and the unfortunate return of the school year after a never-long-enough summer vacation. And yeah, the school year grind can be a bit of a bummer, with all the homework and pop quizzes and mandatory swim classes, but there is a bright spot in all of this. No, we didn’t find a way to get you a permanent hall pass (we’re working on it, though) but we’ve pulled together this impressive collection of impressive school backpacks from our friends over at Osprey, makers of some of the very best backpacks known to mankind. Spring may have just begun but grabbing up Osprey packs that are perfect for summer adventures and school-time trails isn’t any sort of bad idea.

Osprey has spent the last forty years making some of the best outdoor gear on the planet, with the hiking and backpacking communities fully aware of the quality stitched into every inch of their brand. This same rabid attention to detail and premium workmanship has found its way into their school packs, giving you a backpack that’s not only incredibly functional for all your school-ish needs, but perfect for any off-the-beaten-path adventures you might have up your sleeve. It’s like the best of both worlds, thrown together for you in one mighty backpack.

With all of the undeniable amazingness thrown into these packs, the amount of features and tech is practically overflowing. Your computer or tablet will be well protected thanks to Osprey’s built-in laptop compatibility. Feel like all those books are going to put a serious hurt on your shoulders? Compression straps will be your new best strap-based friend, giving you added support while taking a bit of a pressure off of your back.

Listen, whether you’ll be using Osprey backpacks to trudge through the school year, or maybe just feel like bringing it along as you travel through some fancy part of Europe as you study abroad, you’ll be happy with the quality build and versatility of your backpack, even if you aren’t all that happy about those reading responses and take home tests you have to do. Those are pretty awful, after all.
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