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About Osprey Pack Accessories:

You don’t just buy the backpack and call it a day. Well sure, you can, but getting yourself all the proverbial bells and whistles sure wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it’ll work to step up your whatever-it-is-you’re-doing-with-a-backpack game quite a bit, and Osprey has thought of just about everything. Maybe they haven’t manufactured a pizza oven attachment – sadly – but they’ve thought up a bevy of welcome additions to your Osprey packs, allowing you to truly get the most out of your premier piece of gear.

Badass hipbelts and harnesses that feature tremendous Isoform technology? Check. Raincovers that give an extra level of protection to your precious stuff? That’s a check. A thrilling swath of a number of other Osprey accessories that’ll finally make you feel complete? We can’t exactly speak to the ability of stuff being able to complete you as a person, but it sure wouldn’t hurt, would it?



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