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About Osprey Men's Backpacks:

Listen up, dudes – don’t settle for lesser backpacks. Sure, might be easy to be all macho about it and think you’re good with the simple pack you’ve been rocking for years, all tore up and dirty. But it’s your lucky pack, you exclaim, and it works. Right?

Not so fast, hombre. We’re aren’t talking about some kind of security blanket from when you were a kid. A good pack can be your lifeline out there, holding all your precious stuff and ensuring you have what you need wherever you go. Throw in the fact that a great pack will do all it can to provide a better wearing experience that will never wear you down while you’re doing hard work and you’ve stumbled upon what makes Osprey’s backpacks so great. Built strong, all so you guys don’t feel the need to pull back while you’re conquering your next adventure.

Day hikers and campers, rejoice – you’ll find your salvation in the form of a kickass Osprey pack. Those fond of fancy features and advancements will have plenty to cheer about, with compression straps and fit-on-the-fly hipbelts serving to provide a better fit than ever before. This helps to make sure you never experience an uncomfortable moment while you’re doing your work out there – carry as much as you’d like, it’ll be sure to sit well.

Don’t leave your gear in the hands of lesser packs, guys. Osprey knows what they’re doing – there’s a reason they’re so well respected in the outdoor goods world, and their ability to piece together a better backpack emboldens their reputation.