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About Osprey Luggage:

Known for producing some of the best backpacks to ever grace the face of the planet, it makes a whole lot of sense that Osprey produces such killer luggage and travel packs. Manufactured under the same rigorous production process that helps to ensure the rest of their gear is top-notch, you’re looking at a whole lot of love and hard work, thrown together to ensure your important stuff and things are kept in one piece. Put a little trust in a brand that knows how to build it just right – lesser brands are for lesser travelers. You wouldn’t want to be a lesser traveler, would you?

We didn’t think so. Regardless of what it is you’re up to – headed home for the snow-capped holidays, dragging all your important documents to and from work, choosing to live out your best years like a nomadic warrior – you deserve the ability to easily carry around what’s most important to you. Expect some quality build from your friends at Osprey, with ultralight frames built strong and fit with ultra-durable material. These bad boys are all sealed up, primed and ready to take a weather-born beating.

Supreme durability is great and all, but extra features is where it’s at. The Osprey luggage selections feature large compartments, equipped to take on whatever gear your journey requires. And don’t sleep on that expandable handle – perfect for when you’re looking to makes things a touch easier when rolling your way through a busy airport. There’s a wealth of different selections available above, meaning you’re welcome to an awesome level of versatility. No one pack works great for everyone, and depending on what size and features best suit you, you’re able to get right into it.


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