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About Osprey Hydration Packs:

Regular, old backpacks are for total wimps. So they’re pretty good at carrying around your gear, sure, but those of you looking to really spend some quality time in the backcountry need a pack that’ll help take things to the next level. It’s not enough that your pack is great at transporting things, it should be packed full of features helping you excel on your journeys. Osprey knows what’s up, and that’s why they’ve made a killer line of hydration packs, mixing premium outdoor gear with some high-quality h2o to keep you on the trail longer.

The key component to all of this is the invaluable dedicated hydration compartment, built specially for holding your hydraulics reservoir - yeah, that’s the thing that’ll be providing you that sweet, sweet water while you’re on your travels. No worry if things get rocky, as the reservoir is built along an integrated frame to ensure its durability, with a rigid handle that guarantees easy removal from the pack.

That whole fancy hydration thing would be nothing if the pack itself wasn’t top-notch, and with Osprey calling the shots there isn’t a worry to be had. Kings of the backpacking world, Osprey packs are regularly regarded among the best for campers, hikers and carefree wanderers – the hydration addition is all just gravy. Expect compression straps, giving you a better sense of comfort and stability, along with their patented Fit-on-the-Fly technology, dramatically ramping up the comfy factor.

Don’t suffer from rocking a wimpy pack -- Osprey’s hydration solutions give you a rock solid backpack with first-class never-thirsty technology, perfect for whatever is next.