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About Osprey Day Hike Packs:

Sure, it’s just a day hike, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need your stuff with you. Yeah, that’s right - all the stuff that makes your hike that much better and keeps you going out there - those nifty protein bars, some extra bottles of water, maybe a rain jacket or two because those spring showers are bound to come calling. Trekking along with all the things you just can’t leave home without, you’ll want to make sure you never put them in harm’s way. Luckily, the team at Osprey is a veritable force of nature when it comes to crafting packs, with the selections above fitting perfectly into anyone’s day hike plans.

Those trips out there can be tiring enough, so adding a pack that piles on the heft is less than ideal. Osprey has engineered their gear to allow it to wear light, avoiding unnecessary strain on your shoulders and back. Tech like the LightWire frame working alongside compression straps and specially cut foam ensure you’re never made uncomfortable from your sturdy day pack. Just about every part of your pack will be working to guarantee a killer hiking experience – from sturdy, reliable straps to a multitude of convenient pockets and sleeves.

But they’re not just great for hiking. These packs are proudly multi-purpose, with all forms of travel finding great use for Osprey. For instance, your next mountain biking tour can be pleasantly supplanted by the hydration capable pack on your back, allowing you to stay committed to your ride without being forced to stop.

Make your next adventure your own. The weather has gotten better, the sun is shining, spring is…well, springing. Grab your gear and get out on your next escapade. Escapade is a great word and sounds super fun, so be sure to get in on some of that.