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About Osprey Backpacks:

Osprey backpacks are packs that you can trust, no matter what it is you’re up to out there. Makes sense, right? Leaving with a deceitful and dishonest pack sounds like a pretty lousy idea. Luckily, Osprey packs are up to the challenge - not only have they built a pack perfect for any activity you could possibly think of, they’re built to kick-ass at everything they do. Engineered by the outdoor-loving action enthusiasts, your travel, skiing, work, and obviously breakdancing deserve packs built this good.

Or is it “built this well”? Grammar aside, comfort is key to building an unmatched outdoor experience. Most other packs don’t do enough to worry about the wearer – emphasis is placed on flashy looks or buzzword features, but Osprey believes that premium comfort should be at the forefront of design. Compression straps working in concert with a lightweight frame and an adjustable harness give you a build that is natural and feels organic, working with you while you get to work.

But it’s not all incredible ease of wear – though that’s a pretty great plus – as Osprey constructs their packs to be one-stop shops of awesome. Looking for some water bladder compatibility to ensure you stay well hydrated? Waterproof material to keep your gear safe and dry? Laptop friendly to ensure you can take your work along while you play? All this and much more, because your pack shouldn’t just be carrying your stuff – it should be enhancing your experience.

Osprey backpacks are built by those who have a serious passion for the outdoors, instilling each and every product they sell with love and pride. The elements won’t always be kind out there – spring weather brings spring showers, and you won’t be enjoying yourself much if your stuff is totally drenched. Grabbing gear that always works with you is a prerequisite to success. Osprey backpacks are just that kind of gear, full of first-class build quality to ensure a pack that’s just as rugged as you need to be.


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