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About Osprey Backpacks and Outdoor Gear:

Osprey backpacks have been around for more than forty years. In that time, they have managed to nab many awards for their exceptional designs all based on the relationship you have with your pack. From large backpacking packs to small hydration packs and even packs for the urban explorer, they offer you the perfect fit so you have more freedom to do what you want to do. On top of that, Osprey offers their infamous All Mighty Guarantee which promises that they will repair any product from any era for any reason all free of charge.

You can finally (and comfortably) keep up with your wanderlust thanks to Osprey backpacks. Whether you have a child carrier or a climbing pack, strap in and you'll understand what we're talking about - a structure that helps conform to the wearer's body. These packs bring you a level of comfort and security you may not have experienced before. Oh, and a wealth of technology is at play to ensure weight is properly transferred throughout your body to ensure a safe and secure carry.

Osprey backpacks might be their bread and butter, but the family of outdoor gear here goes farther. Eager to fully outfit your hiking trip, there's a number of other great resources ready to assist the modern backpacker. Their line of travel luggage is built to be just as durable as their line of packs, with a number of helpful accessories like hydration reservoirs and hip belts to ensure you're always ready.
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