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About Oru Kayaks:

Oru Kayak wants to change the way you experience water. This innovative company draws their inspiration from around the world. This is most obvious in their Japanese origami design. Whether you live near freshwater lakes or you’re escaping to the ocean, these foldable kayaks can go just about anywhere. Best of all, it takes just a few minutes to transform it from a backpack into a boat. Made from corrugated plastic, you simply fold along the creases and fasten the straps. Don’t confuse the plastic materials with cheap or low-quality. It’s lightweight and flexible without losing any durability or stableness on the water.

Oru’s The Bay ST Kayak is their original, award-winning design. Stable enough for beginners yet fast and sleek enough for an expert paddler, it’s no wonder that this kayak has received rave reviews from all over the globe. It provides everything you expect from a traditional kayak such as rigging, adjustable footrest and backrest, skirt-ready cockpit, and hatch. If you’re looking for something more robust then check out The Coast XT. This pro-level yak is sophisticated and supplies speed and smooth handling. It can hold up to 400 pounds while it’s Bay counterpart can hold 300.

You’re able to stash these kayaks pretty much anywhere from under your bed to the trunk of your car. Plus, if you invest in an Oru pack, you can effortlessly fly across oceans with your kayak. If you have a small living space or you simply want to cut down on the bulk, Oru Kayak makes it so you can have your cake and eat it too with their innovative, compact kayaks.