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About Ortlieb:

ORTLIEB started off, like most companies do, as a solution to a problem. Hartmut Ortlieb enjoyed riding his bicycle but hated that items he would carry always got wet when it would rain. After some long thought, Ortlieb crafted his first pannier. Made from red truck tarp and his mother’s sewing machine, Ortlieb invented the very first waterproof pannier. After that, ORTLIEB was founded and the company took off.

After the success of the waterproof pannier, ORTLIEB moved on to creating more bike accessories such as handlebar and commuter bags. Alongside this, ORTLIEB began diving into travel bags and backpacks. Each bag offers a thermoplastic synthetic coating which creates the signature waterproof membrane. Features such as roll closure and waterproof zippers are also added in to perfect the waterproof pack. With all of these combined, items within an ORTLIEB bag will stay dry when submerged into one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

ORTLIEB’s travel bags can be found ranging in size from 20L to 140L with options like padded shoulder straps or wheels. Customers can also opt for the smaller commuter bag which features the cross shoulder strap and comes in a 20L size. By the way, ORTLIEB doesn’t offer just black and white gear. They’re color spectrum ranges from a simple black to a vibrant lagoon green and more. With durability, style and function, it’s no surprise that ORTLIEB is the leading brand when it comes to waterproof panniers, luggage and more.