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About O'Neill Watersport Gear and Apparel

In 1952, Jack O’Neill opened a surf shop in California. What started as a small shack selling surfing accessories grew into a family business and eventually became a company that sells high quality wetsuits, clothing, and much more worldwide.

Did we mention that Jack O’Neill is credited with inventing the wetsuit? To this day, the company continues to create high quality wetsuits with the latest and best technology. Their exclusive Technobutter 3 technology is the most advanced neoprene on the market. It’s super stretchy, absorbs less water, and dries quickly. On top of all that, it’s 20% lighter. All of that combines into a comfortable wetsuit that will allow you to stay warmer on the water even longer, making sure you don’t miss that perfect wave.

Even if you’re not a surfer, O’Neill offers stylish mens’ and womens’ clothing for both on and off the beach. Their quick drying boardshorts will let you go from water to land without leaving wet butt prints everywhere you sit. They also offer a variety of comfy dresses and and pants to put over your swimsuit when you leave the beach. But really, who ever wants to leave the beach?

Whether you’re looking for a wetsuit to keep you warm or an outfit to keep you looking cool, O’Neill has got you covered.