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About Oliberte Shoes and Footwear:

Oliberté doesn’t just make quality shoes from hand picked leather and natural crepe rubber, they are making a thriving middle class a reality in Africa.

By working only with factories that adhere to their “Play Fair” standards and, most recently, by opening their own factory in Ethiopia, Oliberté is creating thousands of jobs in workplaces that improve the quality of life of their employees. They are also creating some of the most badass shoes, boots and bags available.

Oliberté apparel has a unique style and attitude in every stitch, the sort of clothing that lets strangers know “Yes, I’m down for an adventure, and no, I don’t mind if you refer to me as ‘Your Awesomeness’.”

With such an iconic look you’ll feel good knowing that you stand apart from the crowd, and you’ll feel even better when you think about the fact that you have helped shape the economic climate of an entire continent. Look at you, you’re a philanthropist in wicked slick kicks.