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About Odlo:

Since 1946 Odlo has created some of the most innovative materials and activewear on this side of the Mississippi. Well, either side of the Mississippi, if we’re being honest.
Born out of the harsh Norwegian winters and based in Switzerland, Odlo has strived to create quality performancewear for running, hiking, skiing, and biking. Do you like sports underwear? You can thank Odlo for that little idea.

Wanna talk tech? Odlo has a plethora of proprietary technologies that they implement into their active and outerwear. With their DualDry waterproof and water-resistant materials, bikers and runners can rejoice at being able to wick away moisture from the inside of the garment while keeping water out as well. With their Zeroscent technology, you won’t have to worry about working up a sweat in baselayers and smell, which means less washing and better sustainability. With Odlo’s Thermic insulation, you can be sure to keep warm when you need to and still dump heat when you start working up a sweat, perfect for stop-and-go situations like backcountry skiing.

Built on a foundation of core values, including responsibility, action, and transparency, Odlo strives to create some of the most technical activewear while protecting the environment. As a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, Odlo looks at animal welfare, product responsibility and only works with suppliers who are Okotex or Bluesign Certified. With their own manufacturing facilities and factories, Odlo implements environmental stewardship through the entire process from design to sales. As a leading member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Odlo is also able to ensure fair treatment and improve working conditions in the textile industry.