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About NRS Watersport Gear:

Born out of a deep-seeded love of the water and all the adventure you'll find there, NRS has a straightforward mission statement: To pair quality gear with passionate boaters, free of hassle or stress. It's something they strive for to this day, letting their original vision guide them along a continuing quest of sharing their aquatic enjoyment with customers from all walks of life.

Established in 1972 with a hand-typed catalog and a humble but strong passion, NRS grew from a fledgling North-west based retailer to a premier worldwide supplier, spreading their love of water-based excitement all across the globe. Not content to cater to a narrow range of product lines and categories, NRS features a veritable wide-ranging collection of h2o friendly goods, meaning you're sure to find whatever your adventure demands.

If it's happening in the water, NRS has their paddle in it. Whether you're determined to find the perfect kayak accessories, the best fishing raft available, or a top notch life jacket, NRS prides itself in producing the goods you need with the knowledge that you're buying some of the best product available. Apparel is in the mix as well, with men and women alike able to find the right attire to keep you comfortable and effective as you hit the water.

NRS believes in the power of the water around us, helping you to get out there and get some fun in your life. Gear up and get ready to enjoy yourself, you kayaking-paddling-fishing-camping-and-rafting enthusiast. Maybe that's not you, but it can be, thanks to NRS.

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