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About Scarves and Gaiters:

Scarves and gaiters not only protect you from chilly, blustery winds, but they also add comfort, livability and style to your everyday wardrobe. Winter, spring, summer and fall, a scarf makes an excellent addition no matter the weather or occasion. Travel-friendly and easy to wear, they are fantastic for a trip up north to the cabin and travels abroad to foreign countries. From cozy infinity-loop designs to high-tech buffs and balaclavas, it’s easy to personalize your style.

The fabrics used in these scarves and gaiters are no joke. State of the art technology enables many of them to dry quickly, wick away moisture and block bone-chilling winds. Antimicrobial features repel odor by preventing the growth of bacteria while seamless designs minimize chafing. The balaclavas are constructed with stretchy fabric for easy adjustment and movement. Extra fabric in front prevents drafts and snowflakes from leaking in. Buffs serve as multifunctional headwear and can be worn in as many as twelve different ways from caps, neck gaiters, balaclavas and even hair ties. These scarves and gaiters are available in a wide range of prints and colors that can easily layer under collars.

Details such as pockets for passports and valuables make this men’s and women’s neckwear functional as well as stylish. Wide widths give scarves the ability to cover your ears while tassels, buttons and colorful patterns provide eye-catching textures and designs. From lightweight Merino wool to heavyweight chunky knits, these scarves and gaiters offer uncompromising comfort thanks to feel-good materials. Maximum versatility and functionality are delivered thanks to high-performance, good looking and soft to the touch neckwear.