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About Nau Clothing and Apparel:

Nau clothing is made by really good looking people for really good looking people. That means you, and definitely me. The fine, fine folks at Nau not only have great hair, they have great principles, too. Two-fer. Nau's designs are all about a brilliant mix of beauty, performance, and sustainability. That last one is three-fold: social, material, and aesthetic sustainability. We don't have any dictionaries, so I can't say for sure what aesthetic sustainability means, but it sure does sound important.

Using those fancy principles they have, Nau makes clothing for men and women. It's really fantastic clothing, too. It looks cool, it feels cool, and it totally makes people like you better. Check out Nau clothes for men, including some ultra sweet jackets, pants that make you taller, and shirts that make everyone like your hair. They use sustainable, traceable fibers and fabrics, so you know your new duds are packed full of good karma. And probably sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine.

Nau has a fantastic line of women's clothing, too. Don't worry gals. Check out cute women's Nau jackets, super versatile Nau dresses, Nau shirts, and Nau pants and shorts for your gams.

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