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About Native Sunglasses & Goggles:

Native, champions of encouraging extraordinary feats by way of extraordinary eyewear. Their motto is to live a life that's too amazing to be seen through an ordinary lens. Building high-quality sunglasses and snow goggles for those who seek to challenge themselves no matter the occasion, there's good reason why this is called performance eyewear -- Push yourself further than ever before and make new limits, making sure you have Native along for the ride.

Sporting some of the most advanced optics on the planet, their polarized SnowTuned lenses are coated with the fancy stuff such as premium anti-fog, and oils and water repellants. Not only that, but they cut glare to bring you clear and crisp vision, and enhance color and contrast giving you the ability to see depth and detail in snow-covered terrain.

Native's goggle collection delivers peace of mind when out snowboarding on the mountainside, and their industry-leading lenses are only part of it. With a variety of frame styles such as rimless and over-the-glasses, your large field of vision enables you to focus on what's ahead and ready for the taking. You love exploring the backcountry while out skiing and that doesn't always mean playing it safe - reflective straps and mirror tape, rapid reacting ventilation, and no slip grip provide optimum safety in white outs and bright sunny days. You'll forget you're even wearing your goggles because of their uncompromising foam comfort.

Native's line of snow goggles is the ultimate accessory for winter sports enthusiasts, and their sunglasses never quite in direct sunlight. Clarity, comfort, and precision make outdoor adventures that much more enjoyable. And if that weren't enough, they offer a lifetime warranty on these bad boys. Grab your new favorite pair of eyewear and become a Native.