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About MSR Tents and Shelters:

You can go ahead and buy that cheap discount store tent, sure. Made of who-knows-what for material and held together by poles that don’t quite fit right but somehow work to get that thing upright, you’re asking for trouble without speaking a word. Outdoor camping isn’t exactly a world of predictability, and you’re super likely to deal with some tricky weather that you never saw coming. Dollar store tent sure won’t help you there, so getting your gear game right with some tried-and-true quality equipment is important for your success down the road ahead. MSR is built upon a serious love and admiration for all things outdoors, building a better tent so you can spend more time enjoying yourself and the company around you.

Grab gear that works best for you. An out-and-out fan favorite, the Hubba Hubba line is MSR tent’s flagship, and for good reason. Usable through three seasons and shockingly lightweight, no need to sacrifice incredible build quality on account of attaining a tent that won’t weigh you down. Small in poundage but not lacking in overall size, you’ll find a roomy living experience even if you’re rocking the 1-person variation.

Variety is key here, and finding yourself a tent that will truly complement your camping experience is important. Could be the Hubba Hubba line, might be something else completely – what’s important is MSR tents have the goods for whatever your adventure holds. Top that tent off with some high-octane tent stakes, footprints, and a wealth of other quality tent accessories that’ll complete the entire, well-built package. After all, MSR stands for Mountain Safety Research, and their dedication to building first-class tents that exude premium care and security at every turn is steadfast.