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About MSR Snowshoes:

Time to face facts, hot shot – traditional boots just aren’t going to cut it. Not when you’re staring down unpredictable and potentially volatile terrain. Yeah, we said volatile, like the land in front of you could violently shift and things could get really tricky really quickly. Some everyday pair of footwear isn’t going to provide the traction and stability you’ll gain from a first-class pair of snowshoes, something MSR knows a thing or two about. Manufacturers of top-notch outdoor gear for decades, and their dedication to making the best in snow-bound footwear is serious. Refuse to handle fickle territory in anything less.

But Moosejaw, you say, throwing some snowshoes onto my boots will weigh down a whole heck of a lot. Not only is this not true, it’s just insane. Built of lightweight aluminum, these bad boys are tough as hell without throwing on unnecessary bulk. Built with your comfort in mind, MSR snowshoes are constructed with Ergo Televators that allow you to quickly to reduce calf strain while facing uphill situations. Designed to distribute pressure evenly with every step, MSR’s showshoes ensure improved traction while you’re trekking along your journey.

Don’t head out there unprepared. MSR’s undeniable durability imbues all of their products with the satisfaction in know you’ll be ready for whatever is ahead of you. With a name like Mountain Safety Research, you’d better believe the folks in charge are certain to bring an unparalleled level of attention and courtesy to their craft, meaning you’ll never be denied the best outdoor gear available. Trudge through those snowstorms with ease, but you can still tell everyone it was really, really hard work.