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About MSR Cookware:

Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean your meals have to suffer. No sense in relying on crummy nutrition bars or cans of old soup while you’re out there – bring the power of the kitchen out to the backcountry, and do it without adding unnecessary bulk to your pack. MSR understands how to make your camping experience as resourceful and carefree as possible, with their assortment of outdoor goods made perfect for your time on the outside. Their cookware provides the tools you need to bring your kickass culinary skills to great outdoors – be more at home out there than you’ve ever been before.

In search of the fastest, most fuel efficient portable stove you can get your hands on? MSR’s Reactor series is the real deal. Choose your size based on the amount of people you’re cooking for and you’re in business – and no worry if you cross paths with uncooperative weather. MSR builds their stoves to be decidedly windproof, meaning inclement weather won’t get the best of your future meal.

But it’s not just stoves and stove-related accessories, oh no – MSR packs it all in here, providing you with the whole package, striving to make you beyond ready for mealtime. Feel the need to purify that water you’ll be drinking? They got it taken care of. Want a neatly collapsible set of cookware, strategically resembling one of those awesome Russian nesting dolls? Yeah, that’s in here. Maybe you just want some grade-A utensils, foldable and ready to fit snug in your pack. It’s all up above, and your home-away-from-home dinners will never be the same. All you need from outdoor cooking is ready for the taking, so prepare to never let boring food options meet you in the backcountry ever again.