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MSR Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoes
  • GREY

Women's Lightning Ascent Snowshoes

$202.99   $289.95
30% off
MSR Dromedary Bag

Dromedary Bag

$39.95 - $44.95
MSR Women's Revo Explore Snowshoes

Women's Revo Explore Snowshoes

$139.99   $199.95
30% off
MSR H.U.B. 8 Tent

H.U.B. 8 Tent

MSR WindBurner Skillet

WindBurner Skillet

$58.99   $69.95
16% off
MSR Fuel Bottle

Fuel Bottle

$17.95 - $21.95
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About MSR:

A one-man mission grows into world-renowned outdoor goods company. Sounds pretty pie-in-the-sky, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. MSR grew from auspicious beginnings to become the respected trusted brand it is today, proudly producing some of the best camping and outdoor gear available. When you hone a strong focus on industry-leading innovation and a dedication to outdoor safety, you’re likely to find yourself preferred by novices and experts alike. That’s MSR.

Originally formed as a newsletter promoting safe climbing practices, Mountain Safety Research was the brainchild of Larry Penberthy in 1969 - his passion for preaching safety to the masses led to his development of better and safer gear, propelling a simple newsletter into the reliable brand we known and love. The same fervor that pushed Larry to start the MSR movement still exists, with a humble team working to continually push innovations to an industry it loves.

With MSR, the outdoors can truly be your home away from home. First-class camping stoves are light and practical in nearly all conditions, with a variety of tents made to fit and function whatever size group you’re trekking with, and snowshoes that’ll keep your footing firm. Built from a love for safety so you can expect that all of their gear is produced with that in mind - from snowshoes and poles to lights and ice axes, every piece that MSR designs is fashioned with your well-being at the forefront, giving you the best possible experience with a product that’ll last the test of time.

Their mission stays true today, the same as it always has: Hard work and reliable products are the lifeblood of MSR, made just as you deserve.

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