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About Mountainsmith:

Mountainsmith was born out the frustration and need of one Patrick Smith. I always wondered why people said "one" before proper names in the old days. Patrick was fed up with the backpacks that he had to work with in the 1970s. This gave him the idea of Mountainsmith backpacks and so he began working to create a better way to carry gear and supplies. Today, Mountainsmith supplies outdoor enthusiasts with a bunch of excellent Mountainsmith backpacks, Mountainsmith camping supplies, and more.

The dudes and gals at Mountainsmith want to make sure you are having the time of your life while you're backpacking, climbing, camping or whatever else it is you crazy kids do. This is why they have made Mountainsmith packs with attention to detail, design, function and comfort. That's a lot of things to remember when making a backpack. But somehow, Mountainsmith pulls it off.

Mountainsmith lumbar packs are excellent to use on shorter day trips. You can pack the essentials in a Mountainsmith lumbar pack and it won't weigh you down and feel uncomfortable. The Mountainsmith Vibe II lumbar pack or the Mountainsmith Day lumbar pack are perfect to use. Other Mountainsmith backpacks are great for carrying larger loads, such as the Mountainsmith Alpine, Mountainsmith Lola, and Mountainsmith Eclipse. You can even check out men's Mountainsmith, women's Mountainsmith and kid's Mountainsmith backpacks so the whole family can stay active together.

You can trust Mountainsmith because they have been crafting backpacks for over 30 years now. Your next Mountainsmith backpack may just be your favorite backpack to date. That is not an exaggeration. Mountainsmith knows how to make backpacks that are light on your back and your wallet. Mountainsmith is the perfect balance between awesome and affordable.

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