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About Mountain Khakis:

Many of us have sat down with friends at a bar, discussing daydreamed ideas about starting our own business and living that dream – believe it or not, that’s how Mountain Khakis came to be. The brainchild of some inspired outdoor enthusiasts, the idea was to build a brand made perfect for those who seek adventure at a higher elevation.

Founded in 2003, it’s true that Mountain Khakis hasn’t been around as long as some of the other brands out there. But just because they don’t have a storied legacy doesn’t mean they aren’t full of brilliant ways to rethink outdoor exploration – it only took a few short years for Mountain Khakis to take the outdoor apparel industry by storm. MK’s success built through an enthused word-of-mouth fan-base, with a grassroots approach expertly meshing with their homegrown attitude. These guys don’t have customers, they have fans, and cultivating and producing killer apparel has brought that to be.

Best part of that apparel? You know, other than the amazing quality of materials and craftsmanship that goes into every piece that’s manufactured? This is clothing can be worn anywhere: Worn to work, packed for that hiking expedition, a welcome wear while climbing - it doesn’t matter. Mountain Khaki attire just fits. Just like it’s supposed to.
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