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About Mountain Hardwear Waterproof Jackets:

To those who prefer to get soaked in the cold, blistering rain: We have some terrible news for you. See, the crack team over at Mountain Hardwear has figured it out. Now you can look great while you repel water like a giant waterproof…giant? Are giants naturally waterproof? Okay, we don’t know much about colossal-sized beings and their level of water permanence, but we do know that Mountain Hardwear waterproof jackets are fully equipped with the latest in industry-leading technologies to do a killer job at protecting you from the storm. Or to protect you from the light drizzle, as that’s pretty annoying, too.

Believe it or not, so much of your impending dryness depends on how your jacket fastens itself. So it makes sense to implement AquaGuard® VISLON® zippers, meaning the most vulnerable part of your jacket is now one of its best guarded. But even that wouldn’t mean much if your jacket’s material wasn’t sufficiently waterproof, and superior build quality by Mountain Hardwear ensures material that refuses to let you get wet. Don’t forget to factor in the Dry.Q EVAP fabric you could have in place, meaning your new jacket will provide top-notch moisture wicking, allowing that annoying precipitation to bounce right off of you. That all works alongside an incredible level of breathability that will help you to never overheat, all without the sacrifice of fashion or form. Because being able to perform well out there should never get in the way of your ability to turn heads.

Honestly, we don’t get you wannabe-soaked adventurers. With Mountain Hardwear waterproof jackets, at least now we’ll be able to tell the over-drenched voyagers from the water-defying giants. Because giants naturally repel water, and we definitely didn’t make that up.