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About Mountain Hardwear Tents:

Camping can be hard. Sure, it sounds like it’s pretty easy: You just head outdoors, grab a sandwich or two and find a nice, clear place on the ground to fall asleep. Not a problem, right? Wrong. There’s really a lot more to it than that, as the elements are generally an enormous pain in the neck – if it’s not cold weather, it’s inclement rain or snow, or maybe it’s a bit of both. That’s why trusting your good friends at Mountain Hardwear is such a good idea. Known for constructing first-class outerwear that can withstand the worst of bad conditions, their super-capable tents are just as great.

What exactly makes a tent great, you ask? There’s a lot more to it than just providing shelter – but that is a big part of it. Ensure you feel super secure in that pop-up lodging of yours, with additional points of strength a part of the deal thanks to a super secure anchoring system. Think a lot of extra poles will be your best bet? Think again – a patented tension arch system allows the use of fewer poles but extra support. That’s part of why Mountain Hardwear is so great, as ingenuity is at the forefront of all they do.

Get into an extra roomy option, or rock a solo tent setup. No matter the season, you’re sure to be totally set – Mountain Hardwear builds their tents to provide you with a premium camping experience, regardless of what conditions you’re settling in to.

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