Mountain Hardwear Softshell Jackets

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About Mountain Hardwear Softshell Jackets:

We know what you're thinking. This is Mountain Hardwear, making jackets that are softshell. Shouldn't this betray the laws of the space-time continuum? What's next, orange juice in your cereal? Peanut butter and toothpaste cookies? Dogs and cats, living together? Mass hysteria! But it works, and we should be thankful; thankful for top-notch softshell jackets and milk-submersed cereal bowls.

Just because Mountain Hardwear uses thin, mobile fabric doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the function you'd expect from heavier jackets. Total waterproof protection is in the mix, with watertight zips to boot. Regardless of your feelings on aquatic permanence, these coats are made for everyday wear, with enough styles and colors to meet your lofty jacket expectations.

Let us celebrate the Hard-Soft union with some of the finest jackets known to man. Well, known to woman, too, of course. We're up on that equality tip.