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About Mountain Hardwear Sleeping Bags:

We may not be a company staffed by geniuses, but we’re pretty positive that everyone loves a good night’s sleep. Bummer thing is the outdoors aren’t exactly known for making that easy - unpredictable weather and the wacky seasons tending to trend on the chilly end of things make it so grabbing that great night’s rest is just a little hard to come by. Great news, though: Mountain Hardwear gets it. They’ve engineered their sleeping bags to be the real deal, built so sleeping in them on the regular is a breeze. You can’t bring your bed out there, so why not bring the next best (and potentially better) thing?

This large collection of Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags has options suitable for all kinds of weather – no matter if you're going to use yours for a spring camping trip where you’re bound to encounter some rain, or maybe throughout the freezing cold of the deep winter season, you're bound to be satisfied. A comfort footbox, wildly and outrageously super soft fill and water repellent shell are in place to ensure your precious, precious slumber. You’ll likely get to sleep so well, so you'll probably have super cool dreams. Dreams that have you conquering that day hike and climbing that treacherous mountain side? That dream can be reality, what with the killer snooze you’ll get in your brand new Mountain Hardwear sleeping bag.