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About Mountain Hardwear on Sale and Clearance:

A Mountain Hardware sale? Could it be? Is it possible? The answer is yes, dear friend. Most definitely yes. Welcome in the full experience - first-class outerwear, kickass gear and versatile clothing - at unmistakably great discount prices. This is the Mountain Hardwear sale event, and you're right in it.

Mountain Hardwear has always been great at refusing to let unpredictable elements hold you back. Now there's no need to let that budget hold you back either - we've slashed prices on a lot of their outdoor clothing and gear, giving you Mountain Hardwear outlet-style deals on insulated weather-besting coats such as the Ghost-Whisperer, tents that are built for extreme conditions and the coziest of cozy fleece, all with significant savings attached. Itching to get out now that the snow has left and spring showers are upon us? Grab what you need and get out there already.

And hey, just because you're getting some goods on the cheap doesn't mean we're getting cheap on you. You're still getting the same top quality Mountain Hardwear gear and apparel you've come to expect, with just a little less hurt on your wallet. Jackets and hoodies for your body parts, pants and shorts for your bottom parts, and tents, backpacks and sleeping bags for your AdventureMan™ adventures, it's seriously all here.

Pro-tip: These hot deals are of the 'limited time only' variety. We got the gear you need, now get it before it's gone - because, oh, believe us, it will be gone.

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