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About Mountain Hardwear Jackets and Coats:

Versatility. Sure, it’s a five-dollar word you’re heard plenty of times before. Constantly thrown around by fancy-pants people who are probably off wearing fancy-pants suits and the fanciest-of-all monocles. And hey, that’s all well and good, but what does that word really mean? A quick heads up to all those not initiated: Versatility means being ready for whatever the world throws at you, with your trust placed in an outdoor apparel brand that knows a thing or two about keeping you prepared. Mountain Hardwear jackets help bring you into an ultra-versatile lifestyle, one you never knew existed – but aren’t you glad you do now?

Now you can go out and face it all. With a wide range of jacket builds and industry-leading technologies, Mountain Hardwear can protect you no matter what challenge you wish to face. Here, you’ll find jackets suited to handle a bevy of different outdoor challenges – worried about heading out while it’s raining? Stay in the game thanks to some water-resistant fabric, enriched with moisture wicking to force those rain drops right off. Trying to face extra-chilly temps while on your next ski trip? Pick up a coat fitted with some high-octane insulation, light but resilient for those who want to stay agile while fighting chilly weather. Maybe you’re just trying to find a good, casual coat for mild temperature walks at the cider mill – first off, bring us back some donuts, and second, the softshell and fleece jackets above will do just the trick, either as a light coat or a trusty layer.

Maximum impressibility. That may be a ten-dollar word for all we know, but it’s the type of word you can throw around once you get into your brand new Mountain Hardwear jacket. Now is your chance to take a little style and function back from the fancy-pants brigade, and doesn’t that sound great?

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