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About Mountain Hardwear Hats and Beanies:

Remember the time that one guy thought Mountain Hardwear hats were actual hardhats? And then he bought a few and wore them to his construction site job and eventually got himself fired due to gross safety guideline negligence? Ah, memories. Thing is, they might not save your noggin from extreme blunt force trauma should you come in contact with rapidly falling debris, but goodness will you have a warm head. Mountain Hardwear has built an esteemed reputation by producing first-class outerwear, and their work in regards to headwear is no exception.

No two adventurers have the same journey ahead of them, and that’s why there’s a wealth of options available to you. Primed and ready to face those winter climbs with gusto? Just overly excited that we used the word gusto? Selections like the Dome Perignon are windproof, made of cozy fleece that’ll keep you nice and warm while blocking the worst of the elements. There are even all-encompassing balaclavas, soft and tough and able to give you a welcome amount of extra coverage to keep your face reliably shielded.

Thinking on your sun protection? Wide brim hats keep things nice and breathable by accelerating evaporation through patented DRY.Q Evap technology, ensuring you’re never put off by hard work. Moisture wicking makes it so unwelcome precipitation is an afterthought, with those rain drops beading right off.

Remember, this is Mountain Hardwear we're talking about. Form and function are their bottom line, and this grand selection of beanies, hats and caps will do what they're made to do while keeping you looking good. And no, none of them are made to prevent closed head injuries. If only.