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About Mountain Hardwear Fleece Jackets:

So, you’re in the market for Mountain Hardwear jackets? Here at Moosejaw, we promise not to fleece you on the deal.

Okay, seriously - we can’t begin to explain how sorry we are for that awful, awful pun. The person who wrote that has been fired, and now we get to move on. Because the most important thing here – more important than shaming a former employee over their over-reliance on awful jokes – is getting you familiar with the incredible wonder of fleece jackets from Mountain Hardwear. Full of great looks and better comfort, those in need of a great-looking, casual solution are in good hands with Mountain Hardwear.

Not every expedition is spent in extreme conditions – so much of your time hiking or climbing can be experienced in mild temperatures, demanding a wardrobe that’s a little more “versatile” and a little less “suffocating” in nature. Maintain some premium breathability while you keep the warmth in, with a solo fleece jacket doing a great job at working against slight fall weather. Starting to get a little extra chilly out there? A great fit lends to the ability to layer, allowing you to throw a comfy sweater or long-sleeve thermal underneath your zip-up.

A number of other optional features are in the mix as well, so those of you who hate wind will be happy to know some windproof material is just a click away. Same with hoods for those who hate messed-up hairdos, and moisture-wicking fabrics for those who hate moisture, and like, really hate it, as rain will fall right off. Regardless of which jacket you end up with, one thing will ring true – your ability to look great out there has received a significant upgrade.

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