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About Mountain Hardwear Clothing:

Mountain Hardwear is known the world over for creating outerwear that just refuses to quit. Able to stand up to the fiercest of weather conditions, this is what you climb into when you need reliable attire. But it’s not all just super warm and functional coats -- Mountain Hardwear makes ultra-capable clothing that works to stay true to all the important axioms that define their outerwear, thrown into apparel that works great for those who live a consistently active lifestyle. Whether it's a lightweight t-shirt, a weather resistant pair of pants, or active-ready shorts for that climb, they’ve got it all right here.

But what exactly makes this stuff so great? Don’t just take our word for it – a quick look above will confirm what we’re getting at over here. Convertible pants that zip down to shorts for some good old fashioned air conditioning when it gets hot and heavy out there? They’re built tough with DWR – durable water repellent – so unwelcome moisture wicks right off. Warm and comfy pullovers use premium polyester material to give you a durable and free-moving jacket that works great to keep out the chill while you’re hard at work.

Fast-drying and lightweight fabric, antimicrobial finishes to control odor, and reliably super comfy fits are only some of the just-so-great features of Mountain Hardwear clothing products. What does all that fancy stuff mean
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