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About Mountain Hardwear Backpacks:

Looking for a pack that can help you haul around as much of your stuff as possible, with a heaping helping of ease? Mountain Hardwear backpacks have enough room to carry all that super important stuff of yours - but that’s the easy part. Consistently working hard to ensure their packs feature industry leading technology along with a comfortable and natural fit, Mountain Hardwear knows it’s important to build their backpacks better. And it makes plenty of sense: If you're going to be out there trekking around with a pack full of gear, you'll want to ensure it wears incredibly well with its weight distributed properly.

Mountain Hardwear has that whole comfort thing on lock, but that’s not all. Features abound, most of these packs have water bottle holders, carry loops, and padded back panels. That means less stuff to carry in your hands, which is particularly convenient. Because less time spent holding stuff means you can do other things with your hands, like give random people high-fives. People love high-fives.

Maybe just looking for a dependable pack for school or work? You can get into Mountain Hardwear backpacks built for laptops and tablets. They have all you need to make your way to and from your destination with all of your supplies right there with you every step of the way, keeping a dedicated pocket for your laptop or tablet so you most valuable of valuables is nice and secure. So go ahead and browse around – you’re sure to find a pack that's good enough for you and all of that stuff you have to haul around that’s just so special. Good luck. You'll probably have some important decisions to make. No pressure.