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Mountain bikes are the perfect companion for off-road adventures. They are easy to handle thanks to upright handlebars, and their wide tires provide superior shock absorption. Rocks, branches, and debris are no match for these fat tires. They can roll right on over and through it all. Available in both front and rear suspension, these mountain bikes for sale feature advanced suspension systems that are perfect for downhill juggernauts and individuals with the need for speed.

It might surprise beginner cyclists to learn that there are specific disciplines within the mountain bike category umbrella. Below are some popular types of MTBs:

Enduro -AKA all mountain bikes, are incredibly versatile because they are made for long trail rides, tough runs, untimed transfer sections, and timed technical descents. While similar to trail, these all mountain bicycles have more suspension to keep you from flying over the handlebars. They also have higher bottom brackets, slacker head tube angles, longer wheelbases, and burlier components. These allow for better handling, more stability, and an overall comfier ride even as your zipping down the mountain at breakneck speeds.

Downhill -Downhill bikes are, as you would expect, for downhill cycling. They are perfect for and steep, rocky trails. Specific characteristics include heavy, large, and rugged frames for excellent durability and stability. Full suspension with extra travel help them to excel at high speeds on rough terrain.

Cross Country - AKA XC, these are easily confused with trail bikes at first glance. As their name reveals, this type of riding involves long distances including long climbs and descents. As a result, they are some of the lightest bikes, between 15-35 lbs, for easier climbing. Full suspension along with lockable mountain bike shocks are key features to take you over a variety of terrains. The frame sits the rider in an aggressive forward position allowing for better aerodynamics, especially during steep climbs.

Trail - Similar to XC bikes, trail mountain bikes allow for aggressive riding but tend to favor descending over climbing along with technically demanding rides. Features typically include heavy, rugged forks, full suspension, rear air shocks, and short chainstays. This allows the rider to sit more over the center so they have more control over rocky terrain and adrenaline-pumping jumps.

Bike components from trusted brands such as Shimano and Magura ensure that you start off strong, right from the first assembly. The all-star frames nearly bombproof. They can handle everything from tight corners to high hills. Incredibly stable, you’ll have no trouble twisting and turning on unsteady trails. Multi-speeds adjust to every obstacle giving you control over every moment of your ride. Should you need to get around in the city, simply outfit it as a touring or commuter bike and off you go! From classic, minimalist designs to rugged, no-nonsense frames, Moosejaw has a variety of mountain bikes for sale to please both hardcore chargers and casual bikers alike.

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