Mountain Bike Helmets

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About Mountain Bike Helmets:

If full face helmets aren’t the thing for you then try out a half shell mountain bike helmet. These are not as complicated for finding the right fit as you don’t need to worry about the molding and inner padding to fit your head. They provide advanced protection to the rear and top of your head and supply coverage to the sides above your ears. Adjustable visors inhibit sun glare, overgrown thicket, and any airborne debris.

Half shell mountain bike helmets are best suited for all-mountain, cross-country, and trail mountain biking. This is because there is generally less aggressive downhill riding which is when a full face model would be preferable. Many are built with MIPS, multi-directional impact protection system. This revolutionary system helps reduce rotational forces and absorbs impact to lessen the risk of severe brain injuries. Ventilation ports keep you cool even when you’re working up a sweat.

Give yourself the best possible bike protection with a mountain bike helmet. You’ll feel confident taking those sharp turns and going full throttle thanks to superior durability and some of the best safety technology on the market. Comfortable and lightweight, these bad boys no longer feel like you’re carrying a foam cooler on your head. These are some of the best half shell mountain bike helmets that money can buy. You can see and feel the incredible performance that is built right in.