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About Moosejaw Water Bottles:

Have you ever heard the expression that states a man is defined by the water bottle he carries? You probably haven’t as we totally just made that up, but maybe there’s a touch of truth here. A top-notch water bottle is a necessary addition to everyone’s gear, making sure you stay hydrated while you head out on your next adventure. Here at Moosejaw we’ve thrown together an eclectic collection of water bottles and thermoses, ready to fulfil your cold or hot beverage needs while you’re on the go. All of this with that Moosejaw style you’ve come to love, if not begrudgingly appreciate.

Hey, there’s a lot of options on the table, alright? So many things to consider when making a water bottle commitment: How will you be consuming the water? Screw top so you can really take that monster gulp? Bite valve so you have a good amount of control over your hydration process? Maybe you’re keen on button-activated flow? These could be a little overwhelming but we have faith in your ability to make the best choice for you.

These things come in a wide variety of colors because we’re all into that you doing you thing. Make the process of hydration your own thing with a brand new Moosejaw water bottle. You have to drink a whole ton of h2o anyway (aren’t you like 98% water or something?) and you might as well do it with help from a premium beverage container. Our friends like CamelBak, Nalgene, Klean Kanteen and Avex have chipped in to bring you such a premium selection, so hey, you’re welcome. You won’t leave disappointed with what these Moosejaw water bottles have to offer.