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About Moosejaw Jackets

If you couldn't tell, we here at Moosejaw are pretty fond of the outdoors, and thanks to some Moosejaw jackets, we are able to spend plenty of time outside. Our offices would exist outdoors if that was logistically possible, and while enjoying the brisk, fresh air afforded by some wide-open architecture, we'd likely be rocking some Moosejaw coats and jackets, engineered and designed by yours truly to withstand whatever the outdoors may throw at it. Made for the outdoorsy by the outdoorsy, we've put a lot of love into our collection of jackets, giving you with a great lookin', great wearin' piece of apparel.

There's variety here, as we know this isn't a one-type-works-for-all kind of deal. You might be interested in keeping cozy and comfortable in one of our fleece jackets, working to block out that mild chill while you're strolling around the campsite. Same goes for our softshell jackets, awesome in layering situations and just as great at deflecting that pesky wind off of you while you're hiking that kind of scary but totally cool and totally safe new trail. In need of something a little more heavy duty? Our Moosejaw insulated parkas bring the warmth you demand during those Snowpocalypse scenarios, throwing some waterproofing in the mix to make sure you not only stay as warm as possible, but super dry, too.

Spend more time outside. That's an order, and one you can't possibly be too angry about, right? Our Moosejaw jackets and coats are made to be your new best outdoor partner, along for the ride for whatever comes next. Be a dear and don't let your new friend down, okay? It'd be very sad, but there's a quick remedy - a little high-octane outdoor action. Be happy with your happy new jacket, from your good pals at Moosejaw.