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About Moosejaw Hats:

Here at Moosejaw, we’re known for providing you with some of the finest outerwear known to man, but don’t think we’ve limited ourselves to awesome jackets and shirts. After all, it’s not like you can call it a day after just covering the vast majority of your body. Going to have to throw something on that head of yours, and if that’s what you have to do, you might as well do it right. With that in mind we’ve put together a pretty diverse collection of hats and beanies, preparing that skull of yours for just about anything that could come your way. The kicker? You’ve about to look even better than you ever have before. Yeah, you’re welcome.

Seeking a great beanie for your trudge through the freezing winter landscape? Oh, they’re up there. Maybe you’d rather channel your inner early-2000s Ashton Kutcher and rock a Moosejaw trucker hat – we have ‘em, and we’re happy to share them with you. There was a point where we had some Moosejaw top hats available, but unfortunately our mean boss told us they were out of touch with our customer base. So sorry about that, Abe Lincoln enthusiasts.

Whichever hat you end up with, you’ll have a happy head on those proud shoulders of yours. It’s been scientifically proven that a premium Moosejaw cap will prolong your life, increase your IQ by approximately twenty points, and significantly boost your credit score. Well, maybe it’s not exactly scientifically proven, and it’s more along the lines of wishful thinking, but that shouldn’t matter. All that matters is your new Moosejaw hat or beanie is going to keep you looking great. That’s as good as an IQ boost, right? Right.