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About Moosejaw Gear:

Here at the Moosejaw Labs, our motto is “Build Great Stuff.” Or is it “Free Nachos or Bust?” At this point we can’t really remember, and having a perfect motto isn’t as important as the work we’re doing down here. Aside from the killer active wear and outdoor attire that we pump out on a regular basis, we’re committed to producing some pretty awesome gear, with the hope that all of your equipment will eventually have our named inscribed over every inch. Until that time, grab some premium swag and let Moosejaw curate your outdoorsy experience.

You might notice there is a good bit of variety up above. That’s because we make what we want, knowing full well that whatever we come up with will fit snugly into this eclectic collection. Thirsty? These water bottles will be a welcome companion on your next extended trek, or they’re great for chocolate milk parties on the couch. Know what else compliments a chocolate milk party? A little “disc and footbag” game action, with the winner being showered with carabiners. That sounds incredibly painful, you say to yourself in your head while reading that. We know, and we apologize. Until we figure a better way to perform a carabiner shower that’s how you’ll be getting your celebratory keychains. Sorry.

Checking out this high-octane Moosejaw gear wouldn’t be complete without bringing attention to our nifty CO-LAB items, where we work with some of the best outdoor goods brands on the planet to make some truly special items. Our Esteban pack, made with the help from the swell people at Osprey, is a radical urban commuter pack that is loaded with features despite being super light and mobile. Therm-a-Rest gave us a hand with the Nappetizer hammock, giving you the perfect mobile spot for any impromptu snoozing action. No matter what brilliant idea bubbles up next, we’ll have it sitting right here with the rest of the top-notch Moosejaw gear.