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Black Diamond Moji XP Lantern
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Black Diamond
Moji XP Lantern

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About Moji:

Staying active for as long as you’d like – well, that’s not always up to you. It should be! But the hard truth is that the rigors of activity can really take their toll on you, unfairly taking you out of the game before you’re truly ready to be done. That’s why proper warmup and recovery is so important. Taking better care of yourself while you’re off the trail can do plenty good when it matters most, and that’s what Moji is all about. Make sure you’re able to perform like you’re supposed to.

Established by perennial competitive athlete and athletic impresario Victor Viner, the idea was to provide the types of product he’d longed for after decades of hard work – proper preparation and recovery methods became a complete necessity. Do you think spending your adult life playing basketball, hitting the slopes and aggressively cycling just happens and it doesn’t start to take its toll? Your pre and post-game routine needs a little extra love, and Moji has that covered.

Moji’s inspired line of massaging products make it not only easier than ever to give your muscles the proper attention they deserve, but a better touch than you’re used to. Sore, pained muscles are no longer a worry thanks to lightweight massagers like the Curve, with the ability to be frozen to give you an unparalleled ice massage. Specialized foot units work great to focus on those tender feet muscles, with the Moji Mini built to be as portable as possible for those looking for a great massage on the go.