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Mizuno Wave Ekiden 10 Shoe
  • BLUE

Wave Ekiden 10 Shoe

$73.99   $114.95
36% off
Mizuno Women's Wave Hitogami 3 Shoe
  • BLUE

Women's Wave Hitogami 3 Shoe

$73.99   $99.95
26% off
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About Mizuno Running Shoes:

Mizuno has been making sports equipment for over a century. With roots that reach back to 1906 Japan, Mizuno can help you reach new heights in running, golf, baseball, softball and volleyball.

With such a long history under their belts, it’s possible that Mizuno will continue into the sports world for centuries to come. Eventually becoming a high-end outfitter for mech suit battlegear.

Today, Mizuno’s cyberpunk future can be predicted based on the innovations being implemented across all of their sporting goods lines. Technology that ranges from designing shoes that distribute pressure harmonically to metallurgical magic that let your clubs work like Merlin, if Merlin golfed. Mizuno’s technological advancements in baseball and softball are also not something to bat your eyes at.