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About Mio Heart Rate Monitor Watches and Fitness Bands:

You take your training seriously. Hours upon hours are spent working hard, and you deserve results for your extra effort. This means your gear should be working as diligently as you are, and your heart rate monitor is no exception. Mio has built a reputation in leading their industry, placing innovation and dependability at the forefront of everything that they do.

Liz Dickinson saw a problem in front of her. In the midst of a particularly demanding training program, she found herself restricted by heart rate monitors with unwieldy chest straps. Exercise and training regimens can be hard enough as it is, even worst when you factor in uncomfortable electronics. This frustration would yield positive results as Dickinson's dissatisfaction with available heart rate monitors would see her devise Mio. The first product Mio released would change the game - the world's first heart rate monitor sport watch without a chest strap.

Mio has taken off in the meantime, building an exciting portfolio of feature-packed sports watches that help to redefine sports training. Social connectivity is key, and Mio has worked to include the latest innovative technologies into their product line, giving you the most accurate and connected training experience possible.

Built to be the best because that's what you demand, Mio is willing to work as hard as you. Amateurs and professionals alike deserve the best chance to win. Seize your victory with Mio.