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About Messenger Bags for Work and School:

Whether you call them satchels, shoulder bags or messenger bags, these bad boys have become essential for your commute to work whether that's by foot, bike or bus. With quick-access pockets, internal organizers and laptop pockets, your necessities are convenient to grab while simultaneously staying secure. Durable, functional and stylish, these messenger bags for men and women will back you up day after day.

There are many benefits for sporting a messenger bag. On top of the organization and accessible pockets, they offer plenty of storage space for things like a change of clothes, your lunch, a bike lock, etc. Additionally, they are easy to carry thanks to padded, adjustable straps, and some models feature quick-release buckles and waist straps.

Last but certainly not least, your back won't be a sweaty, swampy mess as a result of wearing one while on your bike. Plenty of ventilation provides the breathability you need to stay comfortable. Furthermore, the design of these bags won't push your neck and head forward like the typical backpack. Reflective paneling gives you night visibility for those late nights at the office or happy hour. Messenger bags are the perfect solution for your professional and commuting needs.