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About Merrell Boots and Shoes on Sale:

You know, you can’t find quality Merrell gear on a mega discount every day of the week – oh wait, yes you sure can. Here at Moosejaw, we’re happy to provide a healthy collection of the best Merrell has to offer at prices you won’t believe. And contrary to what you might think, just because we’re offering up some high-octane Merrell footwear and apparel at great prices doesn’t mean we’re about to cheap out on you. These are the same high-quality Merrell shoes and jackets you’re used to, but we just thought we’d give them to you a swell sale price. We’re really nice like that.

Important question, though: Is this a Merrell sale? Or maybe a clearance extravaganza? Is there a real difference between the words “sale” and “clearance” or are they really just one in the same? Why do 7-Eleven’s have locks on their doors when never close? These are all valid questions, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that while we’ll always have great Merrell gear on sale, your favorite new pair of shoes might sell out quick, so don’t sleep on that pair of Moab shoes.

For those who have been itching to grab some Merrell boots, perhaps you’re eager to find some footwear that’ll help you tackle those upcoming hikes of yours by being incredibly comfortable and capable at the same time? Or maybe you have your eye on shoes, ones that provide killer arch support along with a tremendous level of water protection. Now is the time to get into the good stuff, giving some serious love to your shoe rack. Even if you’re just partial to their jackets and pants - your personal Merrell outlet has arrived. Save yourself some money, already. We’ll be figuring this 7-Eleven thing out while you shop.