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About Merrell Boots:

Imagine yourself mid-hike, bravely bracing the elements along the Appalachian Trail. You take one wrong step and slip down a hill, feet-first into a shallow creek. Now your toes are freezing and your soles are soaking wet. How did this happen? Oh, you aren’t wearing Merrell boots. When did it all go wrong?

There’s good news here, as you can prevent this tragedy from ever taking place. Look at this writing like some sort of window to the future – you have the ability to throw some Merrell boots on and you prevent this hiking disaster from ever taking place. Merrell branded footwear features a number of different M-Select technologies, patented tech that they’ve engineered specifically with the elements in mind, certain to keep you protected no matter what force of nature you’re enduring.

Worried about wet socks? M-Select DRY has your back thanks to resilient, forward-acting protection. Are you afraid of brisk, freezing nights? M-Select WARM is sure to keep you nice and snug and surprisingly breathable at the same time. Feeling hungry beyond belief? Unfortunately, M-Select BURRITO is still in beta testing.

Merrell even makes a wide-range of vegan-friendly footwear, and when combined with the ultra-durable Vibram® traction technology it makes for the most stable, animal-friendly boots around. So you get to be a premium balance-keeper and animal-friendly hiker all at once. All of this thanks to Merrell, champion of multi-hyphenate boot-wearers for over thirty years.