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About Men's Windproof Jackets for Running and Cycling:

Who does the wind think it is, anyway? Working all the time! Pushing people and things around! Sure, it provides us with priceless renewable energy, but that doesn’t mean wind has to be such a blowhard all the time. But that’s just thing thing – chilly wind can really creep up on you, and you ought to be prepared for it. Luckily for you, grabbing a windproof jacket is incredibly easy.

Fancy a hike? Jogging in colder weather? Really, feel like getting into any kind of outdoor adventure? You’re going to need a windproof jacket that works as hard as that pushy wind does. We might not be “engineers” or “science-y types” but we do know that windproofing is a science that created by an impermeable wall of material, preventing that wind from cutting through your coat. A great windproof jacket ensures you never experience the savage chill of freezing wind, but overheating by way of tough-as-hell fabrics isn’t a worry. Breathability is for sure a word, and it describes the ability for your jacket to keep you from getting too warm when the going gets rough, as it tends to do.

Today’s Mantra: Block out the wind, look great while doing so. And that’s a pretty easy checklist to attend to – some of the best brands in the world of active outerwear are just chomping at the bit to get you into a first-rate men’s windproof jacket, so it’d be pretty rude to ignore their enthusiasm. Don’t be shy; after all, the wind never is.