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About Men's Watches:

Yeah, we know what you're thinking: "Your fancy smartphone always has the time on it, so you don't really need a men's watch anymore." Well, that's something only ridiculous people think. Because as fancy phone technology has progressed, so has that of the watch. Not content to simply exist as a time piece anymore, there is plenty more to get out of a good men's watch these days. The selections you'll find above are indicative of that, giving you a wearable piece of tech that works as a welcome companion on your adventures.

Only being able to tell the time is so last century. These days, watches can do so much more because you need them to, but what you get exactly is kinda all up to what you're looking for. The world of men's watches has become a runner's dream, with a wealth of functionality sitting at your wrist for extreme ease of use. Take advantage of those fancy sky satellites and let GPS track your run, allowing you to push yourself to taller heights than before. Take it one step further and grab some heart rate tracking, making sure your blood is pumping at optimal levels. The ability to pack in useful features is a pretty epic component of men's watches these days, with your wrist-wearable primed to be an essential outdoor companion.

But hey, maybe you're a traditionalist - watches are for telling time, phones are for calling people. Grab yourself a handmade, beautifully crafted watch from brands like Filson, made by folks who appreciate classic craftsmanship. Whichever way you end up heading, be it old school or new school, just know you're grabbing a serious piece of wearable hardware. Spruce up the ol' wrist a bit and make an impression with a brand new, impressive, jealousy-inducing watch.